Visual tools for engineering project support

A visual aid was needed by an engineering team to help inform all stakeholders about planned activities to replace several offshore installation lifeboats.

By interpreting CAD files and modelling items from scratch a 3D model of the area affected by the work, models of the old and replacement lifeboats and all associated equipment and rigging were produced.

The resulting animated storyboard covered engineering prep work through to job completion, covering all fabrication work on the installation, key marine and topside lifts and milestone events. Stakeholders were able to appraise the critical stages of the project, determine any additional resource or equipment requirements and identify in advance any possible technical issues.

Skills applied: Project management / Scripting / 3D modelling and animation / editing

2D model of new lifeboat in Davit3D model of lifeboat in davit3D model of Lifeboat winchOffshore Platform 3D model

Animated product training material

Our client supplies emergency pyrotechnic products for use on land and at sea.

A series of short training / promotional programmes were created for users to understand the correct means of deployment in a safe manner. Bespoke 3D animated content was created using characters and environments to represent the most common user situations.

Skills applied: Project management / Scripting / 3D modelling and animation / editing

3D model of flare launching3D model of kayak girl with flare3D model of RNLI crew with flareAnimated casualty in water with flare

Interactive E-Learning course

It is mandatory for personnel to learn how to launch a vessel’s Marine Evacuation Systems within a set time of joining a cruise ship.

Our client required a fully interactive course that could be accessed from a mobile device that enabled delegates to go through the physical actions and checks required to launch an evacuation system for passengers and crew – without any narrative or text to aid the delegate as it had to be ‘language free’. We created accurate 3D models of all elements of the system and assigned physical attributes to them that allowed them to manipulate objects and tools in real time.

After being led through the correct procedure by viewing animated 3D elements, delegates must perform the correct actions, including all contingencies to undertake a successful launch of the system. Any incorrect actions were flagged and logged as they progressed through the assessment to ensure a course pass was only achieved through performing the correct sequence of actions.

Skills applied: Project management / Storyboarding / 3D modelling and animation / Instructional design / Authoring

Chute indicator systemInside MES raftlaunched MES raftsraft launching pistons

Site Safety Induction

A large Onshore Gas terminal classed as a Top Tier Major Hazard site required a revised site safety induction because of procedural change and to meet with newly implemented HSE regulations.

Working with senior management and the on-site safety team we put together an induction that comprehensively covering the information that visitors and contractors needed to gain access to the site, work safely, understand prohibited items and actions, emergency procedures, and incident reporting as well as normal operational procedures.

Skills applied: Project management / Scripting / 3D modelling and animation / Filming and Photography / Editing

Contractors adjusting equipmentGas terminal muster pointsSite personnel checking plansWorkers in tool box talks