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About Us

Since 1987 Survitec Viscom has been supporting clients internationally with reliable, imaginative and effective visual communication solutions.

Combining experience, strategy, creativity and a strong focus on our client's requirements we have completed a wide variety of projects for some of the world's largest companies working in the Aviation, Energy and Marine sectors.

Over 2000 media projects completed for 150 clients operating in 55 countries.

We are the proven provider of effective visual communication solutions for all your HSEQ media requirements.

Our Team

  • Profile - multimedia industry

    Bruce Milne

    General Manager

    Bruce has over 30 years' experience in the multimedia industry and is responsible for leading an excellent team of individuals and providing the best possible service to our clients.

  • Profile - Finance

    Elaine Walker


    Elaine is responsible for the financial and administrative operations side of our business.

  • Profile - Finance

    Andrew Meldrum


    Andrew has many years of video production experience and is responsible for steering our creative team and pulling together all the elements needed for your project.

  • Profile - Animations, 2D & 3D Animations

    Euan Morrison

    Animation Co-ordinator

    Euan heads up our animation team and is responsible for producing high level 2D & 3D content for our clients.

  • Profile - 3D animation, Aircraft, Marine & Platform animation and modelling.

    Gordon Miller

    Multimedia Designer

    Gordon hosts an impressive amount of 3D experience, specialising in Aircraft, Marine & Platform animation and modelling.

  • Profile - 3D animation

    Emma Noble

    Multimedia Designer

    Emma is a recent First Class Honours graduate and is expert in producing all forms of 2D / 3D Graphics.

Our Clients





Our Process

  • consultation

    Video production should be pain-free for all concerned. If your subject matter is like something we've done before, and it's appropriate and relevant - why reinvent the wheel? Let's focus only on what will be new or different for your needs.

  • concept

    If it's unique to you, a needs analysis will help us fully understand requirements. Storyboards are nice to look at but can change quickly, so a simple treatment or script outline is usually our starting point.

  • script

    We pride ourselves on the level of research we can apply to any subject matter, so we'll crack on and gather enough material to provide a suitable script as a starting point.

  • shoot

    Then momentum really gathers and we acquire video footage (perhaps shot in our own small but perfectly formed studio) and / or create fantastic 3D animations and graphics that will stand by themselves or complement other material.

  • voice over

    Narration or subtitles not just in English? we work with some of the best translators and foreign language voice talent available.

  • edit

    Combine all these elements in one of our edit suites and the video cake is digitally baked for tasting, review, and delivery in the format and packaging of your choosing.

  • print

    These same principles apply to the design and supply of any printed matter we produce, from a pocket card to a 30m banner.


  • Q: What if I don't have an idea for my project?

    If you are not sure of the right message you want, we’ll work with you to find an approach that best suits your organisation, your target audience and any budget you have identified. We can even facilitate a focus group with the kind of people your message will be aimed at to see if it strikes the right chord with them.

  • Q: Do I need a script?

    In most cases we provide a creative or technical script suitable for your project based on existing subject matter procedures, protocols and any organisational documentation you can provide. Our experience covers a wide range of subject matter.

  • Q: How long does the average project take to complete?

    It all depends on the complexity of the intended output. If it’s a familiar subject for us we can usually turn things around within a reasonable timescale. If it’s for an immoveable deadline then we will work towards that date and provide a project planner to help keep track of and meet any milestones along the way.

  • Q: Does modelling of objects in 3D take a long time?

    Only if it’s a complicated item and we don’t have enough reference material, then modelling it will take longer than an item that we have suitable reference material for. However, we have an extensive portfolio of objects, locations, people and environments that can generally be adapted for different purposes.

  • Q: We need a key member of staff filmed but our premises are not ideal, do you have an alternative?

    If it’s a ‘talking head’ or demonstration of small products we have a small studio in our premises that can be used for filming and photography. We can also provide an autocue to assist with their presentation.

  • Q: My project will need to be in another language than English, can you provide this?

    A high percentage of the projects we work on require versions in either a spoken language or subtitles other than English. We work with specialist translators and voiceover artists with experience in Energy, Aviation and Marine related subjects so they are familiar with common terminology.

  • Q: We might be changing our corporate branding at some point after our project is finished, can this be easily accommodated?

    If we know that this is a possibility we can make a change of brand easier by limiting its exposure in the initial programme or creating ‘modular’ content that can be amended without affecting the rest of the material.

  • Q: Do you also host the E-Learning content you produce?

    We work with a trusted partner that hosts E-learning content on our behalf on a secure portal.

Our Work